Erotic massage for couples: A new service for your health

Maybe you’re encouraged to perform a massage to your partner, but do you know how to start? Try this new experience of an outcall massage barcelona that will ensure a much more intimate and sensual environment, it just needs a lot of trust on your part, and maybe a little help from these tips.

In our days, where there is plenty of stress and worry for so many responsibilities that you face at work, with children, the studies, economic situation and diseases, we need to dedicate time for ourselves and invest in our health in order to avoid counterproductive consequences.

Benefits of the massage

It is anti-stress, relieves emotional stress and relaxes the muscles, because it increases the circulation of blood, eliminating the accumulated waste products in the bloodstream. At the level of the circulatory system, reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The person experiences a feeling of calm and tranquility.

It decreases pain by improving the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen arrive more quickly to areas in need. Reduces the swelling and improves the healing of wounds. The contact of the hand of the specialist with our body gives comfort, it also regulates and eases the tension of the psycho-physical.

It gives greater elasticity to the skin, the skin becomes smooth and soft. In the digestive system to increase gastric secretions, improving stomach and intestinal problems. Strengthens the immune system, to have better and increased circulation of blood in the body, detoxifies and thanks to that it can cope with greater effectiveness to the disease.

Massage also known as massage therapy has been used throughout time due to the multiple benefits which it offers us, in this article we will talk about the benefits of massage to as well include it within the measures of fight against stress by preventing the negative effects it produces in our body.


The erotic massage is a good ally to seduce your partner and ignite the passion, are ideal to stimulate the senses and increase feelings. It is a massage very enjoyable. Both should be naked, he lies face down and you on him, begins to give him caresses all over the body, while you rub your hips with your thighs. Then you turn and do the same. Use your whole body to pet him until he no longer can be contained.

3 easy tricks

  1. Identify tender points: There are parts of the body that can feel pain if they are pressed. Among them we can name the sides of the spine, the abdomen and the chest. Be careful and quickens the pace to reach those areas.
  2. Find an intimate part in the couple: When you reach this place, you have to make a triangle with your fingers to press the pubic bone and up toward the navel. Then, you have to open your hands and massage in a circular shape on the chest.
  3. Fill it with love: This experience will allow you to connect more with your partner and grow the relationship. Also, could you repeat it, this being the time you receive this bath of caresses. I encourage you to try it and you will see that you will not regret.